Welcome to our little spot in the interwebs!  I am Jaime, and with me is Julia.  We wanted to create this blog to discuss the books we were reading, both separate and together.  Here is a little bit about us.

Julia is currently in 3rd grade and she loves many things.  She loves taking her dance classes (tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, and lyrical), she loves playing video games and watching her favorite YouTubers (Markiplier and Nerdy Nummies), and she is starting to foster her love of reading.  She will be posting her reviews on books that she has read or is excited about.

I am Jaime, mom to Julia.  I work as a bookseller (in the children and teen department) and also love video games and dance (I was an Irish Step dancer many moons ago).  I don’t remember a time where I didn’t have a book in my hand and have way too many favorites to list out.  I also love tabletop gaming, be it a game of cards, or a board game.  I also have played D&D (which involved a lot of reading!).  I have two older children as well, who may pop on from time to time with a guest post.

I wanted to start this since being in the book business, I see a lot of people coming in to navigate the sea of children’s books.  I can help those that come into the store, but I wanted a place to also hopefully help those who are wondering online.  I hope to review all aspects of children, young readers, and teen books.  Julia can add her voice for the books that she has read that is age appropriate.  When I talk about the books Julia is reading with her, she often comments on things I hadn’t thought of, so I thought it would be a great thing to have on the page.  I have always loved everything about books and I am excited to share that with you all!