Tuesday Picture Book Review: Chow Mein and Potstickers


Title: Chow Mein and Potstickers

Author: Lisalotte Schippers

Publisher Information: Clavis, June 13th, 2017

Source: Received an ARC through Netgalley

Blurb: Chan has moved to this street, all the way from China. He is going to explore the neighborhood, to meet new friends. But he never thought he would meet this many of them!
A book filled with cute rhymes, fun facts and new words. About meeting friends and discovering other cultures.

Visit China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Poland, Afghanistan, Turkey, Belgium, Suriname, Great Britain, South Africa and Italy!


Have I ever told you all how much I love picture books?  Cause I do.  There is something so wonderful about young children, their innocence and their general inquisitive nature that we can really do with more of lately.  Children just want to do things like play, and eat, and make friends (which honestly, is kind of how I want to live my life too). Picture books provide me with a way of getting back all those wholesome feelings of my time as a child and also reminding me of what I want to project out in the world each day.

Chan moves to a new neighborhood and a new country.  He lived in China and he wants to explore his new surroundings.  He lives in the most multi-cultural neighborhood ever, and in his travels meets children from Bosnia, Indonesia, Poland (and I see you Ania with your two dads.  I LOVE THIS), Afghanistan, Turkey (Nuray – I see you and your stay at home dad while the mom works! Yes!), Belgium, Suriname, England, South Africa, and Italy.

Each new child brings new opportunities to learn about the different cultures.  They all have ways of saying hello and goodbye and they all have different favorite foods.  Who doesn’t love to eat?  Chan gets to sample some of their favorites while learning about their families (my only thought during this was it would have been nice to maybe have one kid with a one parent household, but honestly, this books has so much diversity with the cultures and families that I ain’t even mad.) and at the end, he sets up a playground buffet with his favorite foods, you guessed it, chow mein and potstickers (Chan, me too.  Seriously, that is some good eating right there).

Parents, children, and teachers can do so much with this book.  Embracing different cultures and understanding that families come in all different ways is one of the most important things I think we need to impress upon our young ones.  There are geography lessons that can be taught from this book as well.  Overall, it is a fabulous book that I cannot wait to see in the hands of children today.  Now I am going to go find me some foods because this book has made me seriously hungry!


Recommended for: 4 and up

Rating: 4 Stars


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