Tuesday Picture Book Review: I Will Love You Forever


Title: I Will Love You Forever

Author: Tatsuya Miyanishi

Publisher Information: Museyon Inc, June 1, 2017

Source: Received an ARC through Netgalley

Blurb: A female Maiasaura finds a lost egg in the forest and decides to look after it with her own egg. Surprisingly, a baby Tyrannosaurus hatches from the egg. The greathearted mother accepts and raises him as her own son, Heart. One day, Heart goes to pick berries and comes across another Tyrannosaurus. The foster son of the Maiasaura discovers his real identity. The fourth title in this acclaimed Tyrannosaurus series, I Will Love You Forever delivers a heartwarming story about adoption with vivid, brightly colored illustrations and endearingly drawn characters.


It was bound to happen.  I was going to come across a book I was conflicted about and this one is it.

A momma Maiasaura finds an egg in the forest and since there is no other dino parent around, decides to take it home with her and put it in with her egg.  Okay, that’s sweet.  This is going to go well.

It hatches and out comes not a maiasaura, but a baby t-rex, and momma dino isn’t so sure that keeping the t-rex around is going to be a good idea.  Also, kinda understandable since t-rex dinos tend to chomp on other dinos.  I’m not judging.  She brings baby t-rex back where she found the egg and plans on leaving him there, but baby t-rex starts crying.  I am not going to lie, that part kinda broke me.  She decides in that moment to take him back home and names him Heart.

Heart and his maiasaura brother Light grow up together like real siblings, blind about their differences until one day another dino comes up and warns Light about t-rexes.  Light recognizes the description of the t-rex and uses his brain to put two and two together.  Momma denies the whole thing, saying Heart is his brother and he needs to stop with his nonsense.

Heart gets the berries for the dino meals and one day while he is doing his chores, he comes across a legit t-rex.  Confusion abound,  he kinda unravels when he realizes that the t-rex’s idea of some good eats is not red berries but maiasauras.  He gets upset, runs home, has an identity crisis, goes back and I’m pretty sure he kills the other t-rex to save the clan.  The other t-rex does nothing and I am guessing maybe that was his parent?  Maybe?  Heart never seems to go back home, but left a giant pile of berries which Momma finds some days later and starts to eat them, saying she will love Heart forever.

I don’t even know.  The drawings are really cute, and I am sure that there are good messages in here, like not being held to a stereotype, but I came away from this book feeling rather sad.  I understand the mother loved her children, both of them, but maybe she should have been honest?  Where is Heart?  Is he crying somewhere, conflicted he may have beaten up or killed his dad?  Is he just watching from the sidelines now, ashamed of who he is but still leaving piles of berries because he doesn’t know any better?  I just don’t know.

I think it would be interesting to see how a child would see this book, as maybe my adult mind is looking deeper than a child would.  I know I can’t have Miss J read it because that girl broke down over The Giving Tree when she was 4, so this one may push her over the edge.  I do think this is a book that will stay with me for quite some time as I try to ponder it and figure it out and in the end, isn’t that what a book should do?

Til next time!

Recommended for: I don’t know if I have a solid answer for this.

Rating: 3 stars

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