Review: Dustrats!


Title: Dustrats!

Author: Adria Regordosa

Publisher Information: Smith Publicity, May 16, 2017

Source: Received an ARC through Netgalley

Blurb: Sir Muffin Muffinsson is a valiant, watchful cat charged with the care and keeping of baby Emma while she sleeps. It’s a busy job, and this week Sir Muffin forgot to do the tidying up! Seven days worth of dust springs to life in the form of “Dustrats,” mischievous little imps who run amok through the house. While Sir Muffin chases the critters from room to room with his trusty vacuum, Emma’s vivid dreams begin to morph the world around him: An ocean in the bathroom, a magic kingdom in the attic, things are getting out of control! Will Sir Muffin make it back to the nursery before Emma’s dreams become a little too wild? An enchanting story full of imagination and adventure, Dustrats makes for a bedtime favorite.


This enchanting story follows Sir Muffin as he sits with his sleeping charge, Emma, keeping her safe throughout the night and watching her dreams.  Apparently, someone forgot to tidy up during the week (I have no strong feelings about this – actually, it’s me.  I am sure that the author knows me and my inability to keep a schedule when it comes to tidying), and now there are dustrats appearing for each day of the week.  Dustrats love imagination (which now gives me a lot of insight about my own life).

Sir Muffin grabs his tool of choice, his vacuum, and starts off to get those pesky dustrats before the can scamper into the dreams and wreck havoc.  Each day of the week is represented, with the pages illustrating the dream for that day.  Emma does indeed have an amazing imagination because from winter wonderlands to magic kingdoms, the ocean to outer space, it is all here.  Things do end up going a bit crazy and Sir Muffin has to work pretty hard and team up with some unlikely allies to hopefully make things right again.

I enjoyed this book very much.  I could easily see this becoming a bedtime or story time favorite as the writing flows very well.  I enjoyed how even the print tends to go a little haywire when the chaos comes but settles back into normal by the end.  Personally, I think things like this add a nice touch and helps bring the written word to life on a page.

The illustrations are fantastic!  Adria Regordosa illustrated this book himself and honestly, it may be my favorite thing about the book!  The pages are so detailed that I spent at least 5 minutes per page trying to find all the things that Emma dreamed about.  The magical forest may have been the one I was drawn to the most and it is the one I will go back to and explore some more.  I can see this being something that parents or story tellers can spend huge amounts of time looking at with the children just finding different things, or coming up with what they think Emma may have dreamed about.  Stories within stories, if you will!

I will leave you with this quote from the book:

“Sometimes her dreams can get a little wild.”

I would certainly suggest adding this one to your personal library or if you are a book seller, your shelves.  The world needs dreamers, even when their dreams get a little wild.

Recommended for: All ages, but especially 5 and below

Rating: 4 Stars

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