Funday Five


Sunday funday!

Oh goodness, everyone!  I am so excited for the release of Sarah J Maas’s A Court of Wings and Ruin that is coming out on Tuesday.  It is this weird excitement/nervousness that is settling within me because I know this is the last book in Feyre’s story and I really hope she gets a happy ending.  I love me some Feysand and I am rooting so much for these two crazy cats.

I plan on getting myself a self-care package today ahead of Tuesday’s release.  I want to get a new soft blanket, a nice jasmine candle, a box of tissues, some chocolate, another box of tissues…

I wanted to do something bloggish to celebrate ACOWAR coming on out so I figured I could do a Funday Five list of my favorite characters from the series!  So, without further ado, here they are:

5) Nesta Archeron – I would not have thought that Nesta would have made this list in the beginning of A Court of Thrones and Roses.  I honestly thought this was the “bad sister” trope, just sort of there to give a negative counter to Feyre, but I was so very wrong.  Though she is certainly a hot-head and not one to hold her tongue, we learn throughout the series that she cares very deeply for her family.  I am pretty careful to try and remain spoiler free for anyone who hasn’t read the books (within reason, if you haven’t read these books yet, please do!) so I won’t go into specific examples of things she has done or where we left last her.  I will say I am extremely excited to see what happens in the next book.  Sarah J Maas has also stated that there will be three additional books, not Feyre-centric, and I am hoping wildly that one will be Nesta-centric.

4) Lucien – Oh, poor Lucien.  I feel like in some ways he is continually getting the short end of the stick when it comes to his situations.  He has a complicated relationship with Feyre but I think they both recognize their similarities by the end of the first book.  I know in book two he is playing for the wrong team (in my opinion) but I have always had the feeling that his heart is in the right place and he truly wants what he feels is best for those he cares about.  Lucien is another one who has quite an interesting twist at the end of book 2, so I am quite eager to get right back into the saddle with him.

3) Morrigan – Does everyone have a sort of sad backstory?  Yes and I am here for it.  It isn’t just her heartbreaking backstory that puts her in the number 3 spot though.  I adored her from the moment we first meet her, when Feyre is brought to the Night Court and Morrigan really wants to be friends.  It is pretty clear early on in the series that Feyre does not have much in the way of female companionship and I was so happy to see her make a true friend.  As part of the Inner Circle, we do get to know Mor a bit more and she easily became a favorite for me.

2) Rhysand – It was really hard not to put Rhys as number 1.   Most powerful High-Lord? Check.  Quite edgy? Check.  Fricken wings?  CHECK.  When we first meet him it was at the Spring Court during the Calanmai celebration.  He saves Feyre from some fairies, gets confused as to why there is a mortal there, and then a little bit later in the book comes back to antagonize Tamlin and Court.  It isn’t the best of entrances, if we are being honest.  The next time we see him is Under the Mountain, where it is hard to tell if Rhys is helping or harming our girl.  In the second book, we really get an understanding of who he is and what he has gone through.  It was here that I couldn’t help but fall in love with him.  I would like to state that it is really hard to stay spoiler free when we are talking Rhys, so I will just say this: He could easily be number one spot in any given second.  I adore him.  I truly want nothing but happiness and good food for him for the rest of his days.

1) Feyre – Feyre has to be in the number 1 spot, even though it was really hard not to put Rhys in there.  Now, I have to be honest, I had a hard time getting into this series at first.  It wasn’t because it wasn’t good (because it is) but I had started it right after finishing Empire of Storms.  I may not have been ready to trust my heart with an entire new crew of peeps.  It was about the middle though that all hope was lost and I was sucked right into this world.  Feyre is such a strong female character.  She takes care of her family, even at her own safety and expense.  She cares and loves deeply.  It was the second book which really solidified it for me though when we see her pretty broken; she rebuilds herself and finds her strength.  It almost reminds me of that pottery that when it is broken is put back together with gold (which makes it even more beautiful and strong).  I can’t remember the exact name and coffee isn’t helping.  We left her in a bit of a predicament (which will be unveiled on TUESDAY!  THIS TUESDAY!) and in my heart of hearts I am hoping for a nice comfy finish.  I don’t trust there will be one, hence the self care package, but I am hoping.

Is anyone else excited about Tuesday’s eventual heartbreak?  If it isn’t because of the ending it will be the realization that the series has come to an end (and any excuse for blankets and chocolates if I am being totally honest).  Who is your favorite character?  If you all don’t hear from me in a couple of weeks, ask someone to check my bed.  I may not have been able to leave and I may need a chocolate refill.

Talk soon, book loves!


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