Schedules and Such

Hi all!  I just wanted to say good morning and throw some things out into the interwebs space this morning!

I just wanted to say thanks to those who have joined me and Miss Julia on our blogging adventure.  I know she is working on a post that I will publish when she is ready about the books she is most looking forward to.  She has been kind of quiet on the blog front, but this is a crazy time of the year for her dance schedule (she takes 5 different dance classes and her end of the year recital is upcoming as well as picture day for her in all her dance costume glory).  She is really excited to put her thoughts out there with you all and talk about a couple of books I know she is super excited about.

I am still trying to get a good balance going for a schedule.  I am relatively new to book blogging so I am doing some research.  I would like to do more than just reviews, such as other content relating to books, author talks, etc, and hopefully get on a schedule.  I know Saturdays I would like to post more YA reviews, Tuesday do picture book reviews, and also have middle grade/YR in there for some representation as well.

The blog itself will be having some physical changes as I navigate through growing, and hope to have a brainstorming session with Miss Julia to get some design ideas.

Finally, I just really wanted to say thank you again.  I am so excited to be doing this and getting to know all of you out there and hopefully meeting some new friends as well.

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