Coming Back

Hello all!

I didn’t disappear, but found time to be very difficult to manage.  I am happy to say that I am ready to go again and will be starting back up with some reviews soon!  I have read so much within the past few months and I learned the secret to doing all of this may be to just commit some time to doing so.

I plan on reviewing a mix of older titles as well as newer ARCs I receive along the way.  I think that was something I struggled with a bit, trying to figure if there would even be a market for books that may have come out months/years ago, but I think there is.  I know when I spoke with people in the bookstore, they weren’t always looking for the latest, but something that would fit their reading profile.  I think people on the internets may be the same.  So, there will be a healthy mix, and most likely books that I review may have a gazillion other reviews out there as well.

I think that in the end as long as we are reading and talking about it we are doing good out in the world.  The world can definitely use a little more good.


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